White People Who Don't Understand Cultural AppropriationS

On Facebook today, a friend of a friend asked the following question on her wall. 'What counts as cultural appropriation? What if someone has really frizzy curly hair and their hair dreads, or what if praying old sanskrit chants while wearing a sari helps me mediate better? What do you think?' I guessed that everyone would have good responses and opinions, seeing the people she was addressing were adults who all were very smart people, also very white though. I'm white too, and I try to be very aware of my white privilege and cultural appropriation, but I never noticed the mass cultural appropriation that occurred on a daily basis, until the comment section of this post.

Here are just a few of the gems:

- 'It's a hard topic, but as a white woman who wears a turban, I've always asked myself this. But I realized to just look inside my soul for the answer, and realized it was okay.'

- 'I agree, people shouldn't get mad about white people with dreads.'

- 'Yeah if I want to wear a bindi its none of your business.'

- 'I think it really depends on what you think...'

- 'I have the same questions, I want to celebrate native americans by wearing feathers and headdresses and stuff, but people always say it's bad, I don't get it because I want to celebrate it.'

One person did say 'I think it's up to that culture to decide if it's okay.' So at least there was one reasonable person. But honestly, 'look into my soul'?! If I called someone a mean name and then they asked me to apologize, I couldn't just say "No I looked into my soul and I didn't hurt your feelings.' Oh my.